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MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都
  • MAEMUKI 神田店 2024 東京都







“A Home-like Rental Housing Shop”
The client, a rental housing agency located in Kanda, Tokyo, was relocating, and it called on us to design a new style of rental housing shop for its future location.
The pandemic led to changes that have made it possible for real estate contracts to be concluded electronically, so apartment-hunters can not only search for housing online, but even sign their new housing agreements without ever setting foot in a store. This has made store visits even less critical for those hunting for new homes. The client wanted to re-examine the value provided by visiting their store in person and create a new style of store.
We designed the store to itself resemble a home. We proposed placing living room, dining room, kitchen, closet, and den elements in the store, and having staff provide customer service within this context.
Desks were designed to resemble home furniture, and we developed furniture with different heights to serve as both customer service desks and work desks, ensuring that both customer service and other operations could be carried out smoothly.
The apartments and homes that are open for private viewings are unfurnished, so customers often find it hard to envision their future lifestyles, but at the shop, customers are welcomed in a homey atmosphere that allows them to experience those lifestyles firsthand. Coming to the store wouldn’t merely satisfy their objective of moving, but would also stimulate their curiosity and interest in moving and their yearning for a new lifestyle, in new and unexpected ways.
People may be able to find accurate results when searching for housing online, but online services only address needs that have already become manifest. What makes store visits so alluring is that they provide stylish experiences that draw out latent needs which even customers themselves are unaware of. In our design, we wanted to make the shop a place that would inspire wonderful dreams and ambitions among those searching for a new place to live.



2024年5月 | Completion 5 2024
賃貸住宅ショップ | Rental Housing Shop
東京都千代田区内神田2丁目8-15 アビタシオ創1F | 1F Abitashiosou 2-8-15 uchikanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo JAPAN
73.17m² | 22.13坪
YFT Yamada Foto Technix 山田 圭司郎


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